What a Woman Needs

When a woman goes through a miscarriage/pregnancy loss, it seems the people around her change. The people seem to start acting strange around her. Maybe it is merely because the people around her have no idea how to act when with her. This is why I am creating this page. I hope people can understand what one really needs after a miscarriage.

Helpful Hints

First, act normal around her.

Next, don't talk about what has happened unless she wants to talk about it. There will come a time which she will need to talk about it. When this time arrives, listen intently.

You can send flowers, cards, or take food. But don't wear out your welcome. She will need time to be alone with her husband in order they may work through this together.If she doesn't have the support of her husband, then she will still need alone time. This time will allow her to deal with her own grief.

Do not tell her that her miscarriage was probably for the best. Sure some miscarriages are the result of abnormal fetus but telling her will not help her at this time.

If her miscarriage was only a few weeks into the pregnancy, do not tell her that it would be better happening when it did rather than months later. Time does not matter. Once a woman is pregnant, she is pregnant.

Just be there for her if or when she needs a shoulder. Watch for the signs of depression for she will not know when she is in depression. If she needs help them please get her to seek help. Just remember to keep her and her family in your prayers.

If you can stop by her house and help her with anything, she will definitely appreciate it!

I hope this gives you an insight to helping someone you love through a miscarriage.



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