~Shock or Denial~

This is the first stage a woman goes through

when making her way to acceptance.

Shock and denial

go hand in hand.

This stage starts just as soon as a


loss has occurred.

There is a period of time which a

woman is in total shock or denial.

Signs and Symptoms of Shock and Denial

An easy way to tell if a woman is

in shock or denial is by listening

to her and the questions she asks.

She may ask such questions as:

Are you sure I had a miscarriage?

Is this really happening?

Is there no way to stop this from happening?

Also, she may make denial statements such as:

A little bleeding happens to all.

I am not cramping from a miscarriage it's something else.

It will be okay in the morning.

I just need some rest.

When you hear these or similar things,

then, you know a woman is in

shock or denial.

There is not a specific amount of time a woman

stays in the shock or denial stage.

Every woman is different.

However, the shock or denial stage

is always the first stage on the way

to acceptance.

What can you do to help?

Basically, just listen to the woman.

Let her say the things she needs to say.

Do not argue with her.

Let her think whatever she would like to think.

Time is the only thing which will help.

Always be supporting and caring.

The next stages occur in no particular order.





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