Anger, depression, and bargaining are

the next three stages. These three stages do not

necessarily come in any order and you can wonder around in any of these

stages. For example you may be angry at the world and then you may be

so sad that you cannot stand it. These stages all intertwine.

However. all three of these stages must be successfully completed in

order to gain the last stage....acceptance.


Anger is stage which is self

explanatory. A woman may feel mad at herself, others, or just mad in

general. She may be easily angered over little things that would not

normally make her mad. She may be mad at her husband and not have a reason.

She may be mad at herself because she will feel the miscarriage is totally her fault.

She may be mad at numerous things and really not know

why. Then, there are things that she could be angry about which deserves the anger.

However, this anger is almost a rage.

A rage which cannot be controlled.


Please note, anger can be seen as a positive.

Anger can represent the woman actively struggling emotionally with the miscarriage.

It is a fight within her being to find her normal self. Anger can give a

woman strength in two ways, mentally and physically. However, the

anger must be used constructively.


Anger is a normal stage in which a

person fights depression. A loss of anger is a symptom of the onset of




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