Acceptance is the final stage!!!!!

Acceptance is the final stage. It could take only a month or two to obtain this stage or it could take years. Individual differences are taken into account. One may ask, "What does normal mean?" Normal is a return to your life. Life according to the way it was prior to the miscarriage/pregnancy loss. A life which you are able to function again. However, there are times that you feel as if you are going back into a previous stage such as depression, anger, or bargaining. There are still nights in which you cry yourself to sleep. Days in which you walk by a baby department and stand and wonder of things that could have been. The due dates will still come every year and within your being you will imagine the possibilities. There are still times that you feel like you are a victim. Do not panic.....for I feel that these things are normal and will continue for the rest of your life. Just remember every day which passes makes the acceptance a little easier. You will ever so slowly be able to handle the things which made you cry. But your heart will always remember sadly.




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