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Please keep in mind that

anger, depression, and bargaining

all go together.

These stages can occur at anytime

and in no particular order.

Depression is real

and should not be ignored.

There are many symptoms

of depression. However, one does

not need to have all the symptoms

in order to be depressed.

Only a few symptoms can lead to

depression. Please keep in mind

that we are all individuals and these

symptoms may be different from


A Few of the Symptoms:

Loss of sleep.............or too much sleep.

Loss of appetite...............or over eating.

A feeling of worthlessness...........

or a feeling of massive guilt.

Constantly tired..........never feeling good.

Cries a lot..........not necessarily all the time.

Prefers to be left alone.......

becomes withdrawn.

Makes derogatory comments about

self or life.

Depression can affect all of us at one

time or another. However, after a

miscarriage/pregnancy loss the

chance of becoming depressed is great.

These are only a few of the

symptoms of depression. Please do

not take depression lightly.

If you are feeling depressed please seek

the help of a personal friend, pastor,

counselor, or you can

email me.

Just take care of yourself!



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